Competition for administrative assistants at Policlinico di Messina: announcement

The Messina Policlinic has published a competition notice for administrative assistants. The selection is aimed at high school graduates and involves the filling of 10 permanent positions. The application must be submitted by June 14th.


Candidates must meet the following requirements: Italian citizenship or citizenship of one of the European Union countries or other categories indicated in the notice; psychophysical suitability; enjoyment of civil and political rights; not having been dismissed or discharged from a job in the Public Administration for persistent insufficient performance, not having been declared forfeited from a state job. In addition, a high school diploma is required to participate in the selection. Three positions are reserved for volunteers from the armed forces.

The tests
Depending on the number of candidates, a preselection is planned. Subsequently, candidates will be selected based on the evaluation of their qualifications and three exam tests: a written, a practical, and an oral exam. The written test will consist of a multiple-choice or open-answer test. The practical test will involve the execution of specific techniques or the drafting of acts related to the competition profile. The oral test will focus on topics related to the competition profile and the verification of knowledge of the English language and the most common computer applications.

How to submit the application
The application must be submitted electronically via the Messina Policlinic website by June 14, 2024.

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