Colorful IV poles for Pediatric Oncology at Civico di Palermo: “A moment of joy for hospitalized children”

Dragons, swans, and horses of all colors animate the Pediatric Oncology ward of the Civic Hospital of Palermo. They are the new Babalù IV poles, which for the first time arrive in a hospital in Sicily: there are 22 of all colors, shapes, and heights that will give children the opportunity to play and move around the wards even during the administration of treatments.

“They certainly contribute to improving the welcome and humanization within our wards,” explains Paolo D’Angelo, director of the Oncohematology department, while receiving the donation from the theater group Teatranti Seriali. It was indeed the company that donated the 22 Babalù in synergy with the association Turn on the Smile, which actually proposed the project: “Since 2018, we have been involved in social activities,” says Saverio Sgroi, president of the theater company. “We already had our own idea, but the initiative of the association seemed just as valid, and we decided to pause our intentions and help them realize this dream.”

The gift was also favorably received by Aslti, the Sicilian Association against Leukemia and Childhood Cancers, which is based right inside the ward: “A real burst of joy and color in the ward,” points out Ilde Colpetti, operational director of the association. “Bringing that moment of joy and carefreeness inside an Oncology ward, whether pediatric or for adults, is something that brings out the best in oneself and helps the patient.”

Aste portaflebo colorate per l’Oncologia pediatrica del Civico di Palermo: «Un momento di allegria per i piccoli ricoverati»

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