Closure of the Lentini landfill: “The Region denied authorization to continue operations”

The Lentini landfill, which allows for the disposal of waste from about 200 municipalities, has been closed indefinitely. The mechanical and biological treatment plants of the landfill in contrada Coda Volpe in Lentini have been closed following a decision by the regional Department of Territory and Environment on June 10, which denied authorization to continue activities pending an assessment of environmental impact. The company managing the landfill, Sicula Ambiente, has noted the decision of the Catania judge on June 20. However, they have decided to comply with the concerns of regulatory bodies regarding waste treatment, even though they do not agree with it. As a result, they have closed the mechanical and biological treatment plants until the issue of environmental impact assessment or alternative measures are determined.

Chiude la discarica di Lentini: «La Regione ci ha negato l’autorizzazione al proseguimento dell’attività»

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