City Group to help Palermo Municipality build soccer fields in neighborhoods

This morning, the municipal Sports Assessor, Alessandro Anello, and the Urban Regeneration Assessor, Maurizio Carta, met with Paul Jeffries, executive director of the City Group Foundation, which is focused on community development projects. The meeting, also promoted by Palermo Calcio, aimed to launch a project, the first of its kind in Italy, for urban regeneration through the creation, shared management, and collaboration with local communities of soccer fields aimed at the well-being of the local community through the values of sports, fighting school dropout rates, improving the quality of public spaces, and revitalizing some fragile areas of the city. In the coming days, a comprehensive project will be developed for the entire city, as well as a pilot project to identify the first fields to be built.

“This is a high-impact project,” Anello and Carta declare, “because it aims to act on the urban and human regeneration of the city, not only through the creation of sports areas, in this case, soccer fields, but also through the involvement of players, the club, and the group as agents of development to promote the noble values of sports, increase the availability of sports facilities in neighborhood schools, and initiate a virtuous process of shared management of common goods. It is a project to promote sports, but it is also an idea of an inclusive and healthy city that the administration of Roberto Lagalla is advancing through various system initiatives.”

Palermo, il City Group aiuterà il Comune a realizzare campi di calcetto nei quartieri

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