Child in Agrigento almost chokes on a school snack; saved by teacher

Tragedy was narrowly averted at a school in Agrigento, where a student almost choked on a chocolate snack, but the timely intervention of the teacher prevented the worst. The incident occurred at the Don Bosco school, part of the Salvatore Quasimodo comprehensive institute. A five-year-old child was eating a snack when a piece of it got stuck in his throat. Teacher Irene Dispenza quickly noticed the child’s distress and took action, successfully clearing the child’s airway. Thanks to her prompt response, the child suffered no serious consequences. In a similar incident in October, a fifteen-month-old girl in Milazzo swallowed the button of an electronic object, which became lodged in her throat. Quick action by emergency responders saved her life.

Agrigento, bimbo rischia di soffocare mangiando una merendina a scuola: lo salva la maestra

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