Cervello Hospital’s emergency room in Palermo will not close for renovations or merge with Villa Sofia’s.

The closure of the emergency department of Cervello Hospital in Palermo, nor its merger with Villa Sofia’s, is not planned in view of future renovation works involving the emergency department. This was confirmed during a meeting at the regional Health Department between the Health Minister, the heads of the Strategic Planning and Dasoe departments, and the hospital management. The hospital management is currently considering two project proposals for the renovations and will choose the most suitable one within two weeks to ensure continuity of care. The final decision will be made during a meeting at the end of the month. In response to the shortage of staff, similar to many other emergency departments at both regional and national levels, additional medical services will be required from doctors from other departments to ensure continuous care.

Il pronto soccorso dell’ospedale Cervello di Palermo non chiuderà per i lavori e non verrà accorpato con quello di Villa Sofia

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