Cefalù: Illegal Swordfish and Tuna Seized, Fined

The State Police seized fish products without the necessary documentation proving traceability and intended for commercialization. The seizure, carried out by personnel from the Cefalù police station, took place following a check along the state road 113 of a Ducato van traveling towards Palermo. The inspection, conducted jointly with the local veterinary service, revealed the unsuitability for human consumption of the fish products in question, as well as the total absence of the mandatory documentation required by law to ensure traceability. Therefore, to protect consumers and in accordance with current regulations, all non-compliant fish products were subject to administrative seizure and handed over to a specialized company for destruction. The vehicle driver was fined an amount of 5,500 euros.

Cefalù, tonni e pesce spada senza tracciabilità: sequestro e multa

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