Ceccaroni stays, Nedelcearu’s future uncertain: Palermo starts studying new defense

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A negative start to 2024, probably also influenced by a slightly rushed return from an injury suffered in November, does not seem to question the importance of Ceccaroni in the new Palermo: the City Group strongly backed him twelve months ago, securing him after a long tug-of-war with Venezia, and knows how important the number 32 can be in defensive mechanisms, especially now that the one who first strongly believed in him will be guiding him from the bench.
Ceccaroni was in fact the defensive linchpin of the lagunari led by Dionisi in 2019/20, despite playing little in previous experiences with Spezia and Padova: the coach was the first to consistently include him in the starting eleven, later imitated by Zanetti at Venezia and Corini at Palermo. In the upcoming season, the partnership will be re-established and the starting point is excellent: in a Palermo rearguard that will undergo profound renewal (Marconi has already said goodbye, Lucioni is a puzzle and Nedelcearu may not be confirmed), the only certainty is represented by the former lagunari player, who also has to overcome the disappointment of seeing Palermo lose in the playoffs against his former team without him being able to play, because he was injured again.
The recovery from the left thigh injury is progressing in stages, but Ceccaroni should be ready for the start of the retreat in Livigno, scheduled for July 7th: his potential centrality in the starting eleven in the league will then be decided by Dionisi, but the number 32 is favored for his knowledge of the environment, for having already worked with the coach and also for a bit of desire for redemption after the many mistakes made in the second half of the season.
While there are more doubts about the stay of his defensive partner Nedelcearu, the Romanian can still take comfort in participating in Euro 2024: initially cut from the 26 chosen by the coach Iordanescu, the Palermo defender was indeed called back due to a teammate’s withdrawal and is ready to play his cards in Group E against Belgium, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Number 18 is currently the only player from Palermo competing in a continental competition, but he could soon be followed by Lund if his name is among the participants in the Copa America, which kicks off on 20 June with the United States as hosts.

Ceccaroni rimane, Nedelcearu è in bilico: il Palermo comincia a studiare la nuova difesa

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