Catania: Nigerian man arrested for beating and assaulting a woman

A 28-year-old Nigerian man was arrested by the police in Catania, on the orders of the local Prosecutor’s Office, for the crimes of sexual violence and aggravated assault against a prostitute who was attacked and sexually assaulted on June 3 near the port. The man has been imprisoned in Piazza Lanza prison.

The restrictive measure was validated by the investigating judge, who decided on pre-trial detention in prison. The victim, after the attack and assault, sought refuge in a local business where the alarm was raised: she was found by the police with several injuries that required the intervention of an ambulance, which transported her to the hospital, where doctors declared her recoverable in 15 days.

In the hospital, the woman, who was often on the streets near the port, told the police that she was approached by a drunken black man who arrived on an electric scooter. Subsequently, after refusing a paid sexual service, she was threatened with a piece of wood used as a knife and then violently attacked. The man then dragged her by force to a nearby dead-end street and, after knocking her unconscious with slaps and punches and then continuously hitting her on the head with a large stone and a plastic pipe, he raped her. After the sexual assault, he ordered the woman to leave only after he had gone, threatening to shoot her if she went to the police.

The forensic police then intervened at the scene of the crime, seizing some blood-stained clothes and objects used to hit the woman. The officers also reconstructed the route taken by the aggressor on an electric scooter before attacking the woman based on surveillance camera footage from the area and identified the man, a foreigner matching the victim’s description, who was found in possession of a peculiar plastic necklace with a cross like the one described by the victim. During a search of the man’s makeshift accommodation, a pair of men’s trousers was recovered.

Catania, picchia una donna e la violenta: nigeriano arrestato

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