Catania man evades house arrest, steals from a woman: captured by carabinieri

In Catania, the carabinieri arrested a 60-year-old man from Siracusa for theft and evasion. He took advantage of a crowded moment in a commercial area to steal a woman’s wallet from her open bag while she was shopping. The woman only noticed a few minutes later, and the store’s security alerted the carabinieri. They quickly identified and apprehended the thief, finding the stolen wallet on him. It was discovered that the man was already serving a house arrest sentence for theft in Siracusa, so he was placed under house arrest again by the judicial authorities. The stolen wallet was returned to the woman, who thanked the carabinieri.

Catania, evade dai domiciliari e borseggia una signora: bloccato dai carabinieri

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