Catania, 42 years ago mafia killed Carabinieri Marshal Agosta: remembered.

The article describes a ceremony in Catania to commemorate the killing of Carabinieri Marshal Alfredo Agosta 42 years ago by the mafia. A laurel wreath was placed at the site of his murder, and family members of the victim, as well as high-ranking Carabinieri officials, attended the ceremony. Following this, a conference on uniting against the mafia and techniques for preventing and monitoring the phenomenon was held. Awards named after Agosta were presented to individuals who had made significant contributions in fighting organized crime. The day concluded with a private mass at a local church attended by a representation of Carabinieri officers.

Catania, 42 anni fa fu ucciso dalla mafia: ricordato il maresciallo dei carabinieri Agosta

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