Catania: 17 Ultras banned for clashes at Euganeo stadium, 3 involved in fatal 2007 incident.

At the end of the investigations into the serious clashes on Tuesday night at the Euganeo stadium during the Padova-Catania Coppa Italia match, the Police Headquarters of the Euganeo city issued 17 bans against the same number of Catania ultras.

Of the total measures, signed by the Questor Marco Odorisio, seven have a duration of 10 years, and six of them also entail the obligation to sign for the same period of time; five have a duration of 5 years (four of them with an obligation to sign for three years) while the other five bans will end after two years.

Three of the Sicilian ultras, as emerged from the investigation conducted by the Digos and the anti-crime police division, were already involved in the clashes of February 2, 2007 at the Massimino stadium, during the Catania-Palermo derby, when Chief Inspector Filippo Raciti of the State Police was killed.

The 17 bans included the 11 arrested protagonists of the pitch invasion, as well as six other Catania ultras who were intercepted at the Padova train station on Tuesday evening before taking the train to Catania, and were found in possession of smoke bombs, firecrackers, and a homemade bomb. Among the arrested individuals, there was also a 40-year-old man, who had already received bans in 2015 and 2017, as well as previous convictions for mafia association, robbery, and drug offenses, who allowed around sixty unruly individuals from Catania to invade the pitch by opening the security exit handle of the north curve.

“We need to reflect,” Odorisio said, “as individuals who have already been convicted of specific crimes and recipients of bans in cases of serious recidivism, such as the incidents that occurred on Tuesday night at Stadio Euganeo, should be subject to indefinite interdiction measures.”

Catania, 17 Daspo agli ultras per gli scontri all’Euganeo: 3 furono coinvolti negli incidenti del 2007 in cui morì Raciti

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