Casteldaccia tragedy: Amap president deems mask absence absurd

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The workers were working on cleaning the sewers because a report and a request for intervention had been received. This is reported by the president of Amap, Alessandro Di Martino, regarding the workplace accident that cost the lives of 5 workers in Casteldaccia due to hydrogen sulfide gas emissions. According to rescuers, none of the victims were wearing protective masks.

“It’s absurd,” Di Martino adds. “The smell was so strong that it’s incomprehensible how they didn’t protect themselves.”

“The work was entrusted to a team made up of some employees of Quadrifoglio, the company that won the contract for sewer maintenance in the Eastern area, plus some temporary employees that we use while waiting for new hires,” explains Di Martino. A sixth worker is in critical condition. The alarm was raised by the seventh member of the team, who became suspicious when their colleagues didn’t come back up from the tank and asked for help.

“We have safety protocols that require strict adherence to rules for the companies that win contracts and we provide rigorous training for temporary workers,” says the president of Amap. The site reportedly had a site manager and safety officer who is currently being questioned by the police. When the first three workers didn’t resurface, two more went down the manhole to investigate what had happened, and then the temporary worker who was outside working in the street also went down. Five died, one is in critical condition.

La tragedia di Casteldaccia, il presidente dell’Amap: «Assurda l’assenza delle maschere»

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