Casteldaccia massacre: crowd, anger, and tears in Partinico for Ignazio Giordano’s final farewell

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An intense, strong, harsh homily. A homily that condemns the “white deaths,” the “defeat of this society,” as defined by Archbishop Gualtiero Isacchi, the archbishop of Monreale who this morning celebrated the holy mass for the funeral of Ignazio Giordano, one of the five workers who were killed in Casteldaccia while working on the sewer system. “The way in which Ignazio left his loved ones, the way in which he lost his life, is deeply unjust,” said Archbishop Isacchi. Dying on the job is a worrying sign of a fragile society, where there is not enough work for everyone and when there is, it is often undignified, underpaid, and disrespectful of human dignity; it is a job that forgets the person and has as its only horizon its goals and profit. And especially if even today people die from work with an impressive frequency, it means that something is wrong. They call them “white deaths,” but they represent the defeat of our society, the defeat of all of us. Often we are presented with the impressive numbers of white deaths that increase day by day: they are not numbers, they are men and women, and sometimes minors betrayed by that work in which they placed hope. Let’s not distract ourselves from this emergency!”

In a church full of relatives, friends, acquaintances, and all those who, even if they did not know Ignazio, wanted to pray together for the final farewell. In the main church of Partinico this morning, there were tears and pain. A funeral for which, economically, the regional government took charge, to lend a hand to the worker’s family. Ignazio left behind his wife Carmela and three children, Gaspare, Davide, and Fabrizio. It was Gaspare, 31 years old, who, in recent days, spoke of a father who “broke his back to offer us more opportunities than life gave him. And looking at things from this perspective, sadness overwhelms you.” Davide, 26 years old, and Fabrizio, 25 years old, come together with Gaspare and their mother to support each other. That strength that is extremely difficult to find at this moment, but the Giordano family, with great composure, listens to the emotional words of the archbishop, wiping away tears. A family that today is warmed by the love of a religious community, that of Partinico, which will now have to show affection and closeness in everyday life.

Ignazio was a humble person, always at the forefront to help others. With dignity and a sense of duty, he went out every day to a job that did not earn him more than 1500 euros a month. A job that last Monday reserved him death. An absurd, atrocious, painful death. Ignazio gave his life to try to save his colleagues in trouble in that trap of mud and gas. He died a hero. Now, all we can do is wait for the investigation to shed light as soon as possible on the responsibilities of an accident that could have been avoided.

Strage di Casteldaccia: folla, rabbia e lacrime a Partinico per l’ultimo saluto a Ignazio Giordano

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