Carini waterfront ready for demolition of 6 unauthorized buildings. Mayor rejects new regularization measures.

In Carini, Italy, several illegal buildings, including an eight-house settlement, are set to be demolished. Demolition work has already started on a villa by the seafront and is expected to be completed by the end of the week. The construction materials will be recycled, and more demolitions will take place on other properties in the area. The demolition project is being carried out by Scm Srl, and it is funded equally by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the municipality. Meanwhile, the mayor expressed frustration over a recent decision allowing illegally built coastal houses to be legalized, undermining efforts to restore the original state of the beaches. In total, Carini has issued 1,280 restrictive measures since 2015, including demolition orders and evictions, with 303 illegal properties demolished, some by the municipality and others by private individuals responsible for the violation.

Ruspe pronte sul lungomare di Carini, altri 6 immobili abusivi da abbattere. Il sindaco: «No a nuove sanatorie»

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