Carini: Excavators demolish another illegal villa

The demolitions of illegal buildings in Carini continue. This morning, a bulldozer went into action in via Anthurium, a side street of via Costa Verde, in the Piraineto district, to level a villa of about 90 square meters. The building, on one floor, had a porch around the house and a sloping roof. Inside there were two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. The demolition project was funded by the PNRR and is part of a group of 10 demolitions of buildings already acquired by the municipal administration for the reuse of the areas for direct access to the sea.

Just last Friday, on the Cristoforo Colombo promenade, the demolition of a terraced building consisting of three units was completed, two of which had already been demolished by the owners. This intervention was part of the same group of 10 demolitions.

“Thanks to the intervention,” commented Mayor Giovì Monteleone (in the photo), “another piece of sea has been returned to the people of Carini. The demolition that started today is also within the 150-meter strip from the sea, so the battle against illegal construction on the coast carried out by my administration continues relentlessly.”

Carini, le ruspe abbattono un’altra villetta abusiva

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