Caregiver arrested for assaulting elderly disabled man in Agrigento

A case of violence has been recorded in Agrigento. The victim is an elderly disabled man who was reportedly mistreated, both physically and psychologically, by a caregiver. The investigation was triggered after the man’s children reported noticing noticeable bruises on his body.

They then went to the mobile squad in Agrigento, explaining that they had hired the caregiver to take care of their father, who was now ill due to senile dementia. The bruises were also seen by another caregiver who expressed suspicions about her colleague.

The police officers from the mobile squad, authorized by the Agrigento prosecutor’s office, initiated audio/video interceptions in the elderly man’s home, managing to ascertain that the caregiver was forcefully pulling, scratching, and hitting him with punches and slaps on the head, face, and other parts of the body. The elderly man, as revealed by the video interceptions, was insulted and intimidated, often to force him to sleep. The suspect has been taken to the Pasquale Di Lorenzo Prison in Agrigento.

Agrigento, graffi, schiaffi e pugni ad un anziano disabile: arrestata la badante

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