Car veers off road between Villafrati and Baucina, overturning on its side: woman extracted from wreckage

He lost control of the car and ended up against the guardrail. The impact was very violent, to the point of overturning the vehicle on its side. The latest accident in Sicily occurred on the state road 121, between Villafrati and Baucina, where a man was rescued. When the alarm was raised, a team of firefighters arrived on the scene and extracted the driver from the car, which had become a tangle of metal sheets. Paramedics from the 118 emergency service also provided initial treatment at the scene. Carabinieri from Misilmeri and traffic police were also present to carry out investigations and reconstruct the dynamics of the impact, but according to preliminary investigations, no other vehicles were involved.

Another, less severe, accident also occurred on the state road: two cars collided shortly after Misilmeri and traffic was delayed. In this case, no injuries were reported. Yesterday, June 12, another violent impact occurred in Bolognetta, this time on state road 118. The Fiat Panda driven by a twenty-six-year-old girl overturned after veering off the road.

Esce di strada tra Villafrati e Baucina e l’auto si ribalta su un fianco: donna estratta dalle lamiere

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