Car in Agrigento loses control and “flies” into a field beneath the road: four injured

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The balance of a road accident this night in Agrigento, along the road of Fondacazzo near the Villaseta district, is four injured. The exact dynamics are not yet known, but an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, with four occupants on board, took a flight of several meters and ended its run in a field below the roadway. The intervention of the firefighters from the provincial command of Agrigento was necessary to extract the people from the car.

Also on the scene were ambulances from the 118 service, which transported all the injured to the emergency room of the San Giovanni di Dio hospital. Carabinieri and police were also present for investigations and to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident.

Agrigento, auto perde il controllo e «vola» in un terreno sotto la strada: quattro feriti

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