Car crash involving three vehicles on state road 113: one injured and traffic slowed in Trabia.

Accident on state road 113, near Trabia. Three cars were involved in the crash: the impact was very violent and one person was injured. When the alarm was raised, the 118 paramedics arrived on the scene and transported one of the drivers to the emergency room.

Only a lot of fear and minor bruises for the others. Also, the carabinieri were present at the scene to carry out the surveys and manage the traffic, which inevitably went into chaos.

The state road connects the capital to dozens of towns where both locals and tourists are heading to celebrate Easter Monday, and traffic is very heavy. This caused severe delays while waiting for help and for the removal of the vehicles from the roadway, aggravated by the closure of the Termini Imerese exit for some structural work. Investigations to reconstruct the dynamics are ongoing.

Another accident between Bagheria and Trabia occurred yesterday, Easter Sunday, this time along the A/19 highway. Once again, one person was injured and was taken to the hospital by the 118 paramedics.

Incidente fra tre auto sulla statale 113: un ferito e traffico rallentato a Trabia

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