Car accident involving a car and a taxi on Via Libertà, Palermo: woman injured and traffic delays

Briefly explain the following article: Road accident in via Libertà, in the center of Palermo. In a rear-end collision that occurred at the height of via Siracusa, a car and a taxi were involved, with a woman on board the taxi who was slightly injured. The impact was violent and immediately alerted. The 118 health workers arrived at the scene and rescued the taxi passenger. The municipal police accident investigators also arrived at the scene to carry out surveys and reconstruct the dynamics. The accident caused heavy traffic delays.

A few weeks ago, another dramatic collision occurred in via Libertà: in that case, a van crashed into an Amat bus, at the height of via Filippo Cordova. The heavy vehicle collided with the Amat car for not respecting a stop, inevitably causing panic and fear among the passengers on board.

This morning, June 17, in the city, another accident with even more serious consequences was recorded: in via Villagrazia, just before the medical center, a sanitation worker was hit by a car. The driver did not provide assistance and fled the scene, but surrendered a few hours later. The man suffered very serious injuries: he was transported with a red code to the Civico Hospital and is in a reserved prognosis, risking losing a leg.

Palermo, incidente tra un’auto e un taxi in via Libertà: una donna ferita e rallentamenti al traffico

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