Capo d’Orlando: Motorcycle and van collision leaves two injured

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Road accident this morning in Capo d’Orlando. A motorcycle, Bmw 1200 GS, and a Citroen van collided at the San Martino junction. The impact was very violent and the two people on the motorcycle were thrown violently to the ground. The emergency services were immediately alerted. Two ambulances from the emergency medical service and local police officers arrived on the scene. The medical staff provided initial treatment. The two injured individuals suffered fractures to their limbs and one of them also had a head injury; both were taken to the hospital for treatment. The responding officers conducted all necessary investigations. According to initial testimonies, one of the vehicles did not respect the stop sign that leads from Capo d’Orlando to the State Road 113. This caused traffic congestion and the local police had to manage the traffic flow.

Capo d’Orlando, scontro tra una moto e un furgone: due feriti

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