Campobello di Mazara orders eviction of confiscated warehouse from Grigoli

The mayor of Campobello di Mazara, Giuseppe Castiglione, has ordered the evacuation of a warehouse confiscated from the former entrepreneur of Castelvetrano, Giuseppe Grigoli, and now acquired by the municipality. Inside, migrants huddle and sleep, with a lack of minimum hygiene conditions. At the time of confiscation, the building was already without fixtures and surrounded by spontaneous vegetation.

“From several discussions with the commander of the local carabinieri station, it emerged that the warehouse and its immediate surroundings are frequented by individuals involved in drug dealing. The place, late at night, becomes even more animated as it is visited by around 25/30 people”, the mayor wrote in the order. The municipality has entrusted the works for securing the building, but before that, it will be necessary to evacuate it.

Campobello di Mazara, ordinato lo sgombero di un capannone confiscato a Grigoli

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