Caltavuturo prepares last farewell for Tiziana Brucato: funeral to be held on Tuesday

The community of Caltavuturo is in disbelief and shock as they prepare to bid farewell to young Tiziana Brucato. The small town in Madonie is mourning the loss of the thirty-year-old who died in a tragic accident last week in Emilia. The twin sister of Tiziana and their cousin are still in critical condition and the town is praying for their recovery. The cousin’s mother, Lara Cattani, also lost her life in the terrible collision with a heavy vehicle on the highway. The funeral for Tiziana will be held on Tuesday, October 31st, where friends, relatives, and acquaintances will come together to support the grieving family. The town has rallied together in a show of solidarity, responding to the municipality’s call to contribute funds to help the family cope with the tragic situation. The ceremony will take place at 2:30 pm in the church of the Santissimi Pietro e Paolo and the mayor of Caltavuturo has declared a state of mourning.

Caltavuturo si prepara all’ultimo saluto per Tiziana Brucato: martedì i funerali

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