Caltanissetta votes center-right, Gela votes center-left

The runoff election in Sicily ends with a split result. If the center-right wins the challenge in the provincial capital of Caltanissetta (58 thousand inhabitants), where Walter Calogero Tesauro was elected, in Gela (75 thousand inhabitants), just 25 km away, the celebration is for the wide field with PD-M5s traction.

Tesauro wins the match with 52.36% of the preferences, while rival Annalisa Maria Petitto, a civic supported by the PD without a symbol, stops at 47.64%. Five points of difference probably weigh on the choice of M5s, which had supported the outgoing mayor Roberto Gambino in third place in the first round, not to form any partnership with the candidate supported by the PD. At the local level, M5s leaders split, with a part of the movement openly criticizing the PD, which supported Tesauro.

“I am feeling a great emotion – comments the newly elected mayor of Caltanissetta – a beautiful moment because I managed to bring a smile to the coalition supporting me. I take this opportunity to wish good luck to Annalisa Petitto who fought and nevertheless the city council will not only be mine but of everyone, without colors or parties.”

Half an hour away from the capital, the decision to run united instead rewards the PD-M5s axis with candidate Giuseppe Terenziano Di Stefano doubling the rival of the center-right Grazia Rita Cosentino in Gela for preferences. “Today from Gela a signal of hope starts not only for this city but for all of Sicily, here we have heavily defeated the right,” comments Nuccio Di Paola, M5s coordinator in Sicily. While for the Sicilian secretary of the PD, Anthony Barbagallo, “it is the demonstration that when the center-left chooses quality candidates and there is a clear project, it is rewarded by the voters.”

Marco Falcone, an assessor in the Schifani government and elected in Brussels in the recent European elections on the Forza Italia Island list, also celebrates: “Di Stefano, although coming from the left, has maintained a civic profile and for this reason he was chosen by the people, aggregating cross-cutting sensitivities and appreciations.” Pachino (Siracusa), the third Sicilian city involved in the runoff election, goes to the center-right: the new mayor is Giuseppe Gambuzza.

Ballottagi, a Caltanissetta vince il centrodestra, a Gela il centrosinistra

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