Caltanissetta Slow Legal Proceedings, D’Arrigo: “Need More Judges”

In the judicial district of Caltanissetta, there are too many cases and too few judges to handle them, especially for trial judges. There are only 5 judges in the first criminal section of the Caltanissetta court, which the president, Francesco D’Arrigo, has repeatedly emphasized as being insufficient. This shortage of judges is causing delays in the resolution of cases, particularly high-profile ones, such as those related to the Palermo bombing and football corruption. D’Arrigo has expressed frustration with the situation and called for an increase in the number of judges to address the backlog of cases. Despite the challenges, the court has managed to increase the rate of case resolutions, but the president insists that more judges are needed to handle the workload effectively.

Processi a rilento a Caltanissetta, D’Arrigo: «Servono più giudici»

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