Caltanissetta opens its first educational restaurant: Young and adults can receive training in the field of catering

The first “Educational Restaurant” has opened in Caltanissetta. The initiative was started by Eap Fedarcom, a professional training organization, to provide vocational training in the field of catering for young people who are still in school. The young people will work in the kitchen, pizzeria, and dining area under the guidance of experienced trainers. They will have the opportunity to practice their skills in a real, educational setting that is open to the public and subject to their judgment. The space will also be used for workshops, masterclasses, and culinary experiences for other participants, including young people, adults, migrants, and individuals with special educational needs. The aim is to provide inclusive and collaborative learning opportunities, with continuous training and specialization, as well as an exploration of local culinary culture and ethnic influences. The educational restaurant hopes to inspire young people and provide them with opportunities to meet professionals and receive job offers. The initiative involves various organizations within the Cifa Italia confederation.