Caltanissetta man robs ex-girlfriend and flees in car: arrested after one day

A man has been arrested by the mobile team of Caltanissetta with the accusation of robbing his ex-girlfriend. The incident, which took place a few days ago, was only made public after the validation of the arrest by the judge, who ordered the custody in prison. The victim of the robbery reported the incident on December 2nd, seeking help at a store in the center of Caltanissetta. She told investigators that her ex-boyfriend had threatened her with a knife and forced her out of the car to steal her purse containing money, documents, and a cellphone. The police were able to locate the car in Catania, but the suspect fled, damaging several parked cars. He was eventually located in his home in Caltanissetta and taken to the hospital due to a sudden illness. A search of the victim’s car found the knife and some of her personal belongings. Due to the evidence collected, the suspect was arrested and is still in the hospital under custody.

Caltanissetta, rapina l’ex fidanzata e fugge in auto: arrestato dopo un giorno

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