Caltanissetta. Final Account 2021 and Forecast Budget 2022 approved by the Council. The council group of M5S Compact majority; minority amendments have been objectively evaluated

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“Late at night, final balance sheet 2021 and budget forecast 2022 voted.
Twenty-one amendments were presented by the opposition”.
Thus the council group of the M5S in a press release.

“The council group of the M5S decided not to present any amendments, having already obtained the inclusion in the budget of funds relating to issues related to its program, such as pedestrian crossings, tourist routes to the Pietrarossa castle, funds for schools, urban decoration, city ​​lighting and more.
The majority showed up compactly to the appointment, and although they prevailed numerically, they objectively evaluated the amendments presented by the opposition, believing they were supporting positive initiatives for the city ”.

The council group of the M5S reiterated: “We therefore voted in favor of the amendments concerning safety in municipal villas and in the historic center, the laying of asphalt in some streets, the external lighting of the Margherita theater and the elimination of architectural barriers, as well as the implementation of the contribution destined for the Caltanissetta rally, however asking the administration to enrich the economic endowment with further interventions.

Among these, for example: extending the lighting required for the Margherita theater to the adjacent staircase leading to Palazzo Moncada, illuminating Via Pio La Torre and completely rearranging the flooring of the ring affected by the Holy Week processions.
With our attitude, we hope to have sent a signal that can allow a new path, shared as much as possible, to improve the lives of our citizens ”.

Sicilian news 2022-07-14 16:26:00