Caltanissetta couple arrested in Cogne for sexual assault

A couple from Caltanissetta has been arrested in Cogne (Aosta) by the carabinieri and taken to Brissogne prison on charges of sexual assault in collusion. The two, who have named lawyer Massimiliano Bellini as their defense, are accused of repeatedly raping a 65-year-old man, recording the scenes of violence and threatening to release the videos.

According to reports, the couple, aged 57 and 64, had rented one of the victim’s apartments in Val d’Aosta last June. Initially, the couple had friendly relations with the victim, a mild and naive person, but then the nightmare began. The man was forced in at least ten instances to endure sexual acts. During one assault, as shown in some images, he even fainted. The abuses also occurred when the man begged the couple to stop, citing health problems. The threat was always the same: to release images of the abuse. The couple had also taken over the apartment and refused to leave.

The victim, now terrified of the couple, had changed his habits to avoid encountering them. Eventually, he went to the carabinieri to report the abuse. From the videos, the military police confirmed the constant violence suffered by the 65-year-old. After the arrest, the two spouses were taken to prison.

Coppia di Caltanissetta arrestata a Cogne per violenza sessuale

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