Bungling thieves in Aci Sant’Antonio steal safe but leave phone behind

Two young men aged 27 and 29, under house arrest and guests of a rehabilitation facility in Aci Sant’Antonio, were arrested for aggravated theft after breaking into a metal cabinet in the facility that contained a safe and taking it to Catania to have it opened by an accomplice, aged 46, who was reported for aiding and abetting. The two were caught because one of the thieves had left his cell phone at the scene of the crime, which was found by the police along with an 11-centimeter serrated knife.

Investigations on the smartphone led to identify the 29-year-old as the owner, who was absent that night along with his accomplice. Monitoring the phone usage of the 27-year-old led the police to find the two in Catania, on Palermo street, with the 46-year-old accomplice.

One of the three had 420 euros seized, money certainly linked to the recent theft. The content of the safe was estimated at approximately 4,000 euros. The judicial authority ordered both arrested individuals to be held in custody at the Piazza Lanza prison.

Ladri sbadati ad Aci Sant’Antonio, rubano una cassaforte ma dimenticano un cellulare sul posto

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