Brussels seats, reshuffle and sub-government: everything will be decided today

In Rome, Edy Tamajo is about to communicate his future to Antonio Tajani, upon which depend the futures of Caterina Chinnici, Massimo Dell’Utri, and many other prominent Forza Italia members vying for a position in the government. In Catania, the Court of Appeals is about to decide whether to revoke or confirm the ban from public office imposed on Luca Sammartino, who is involved in an investigation into vote swapping and corruption. These events will impact the balance of power in the Schifani government ahead of a reshuffle. At the same time, the Regional Assembly is preparing to vote on a corrective measure worth over 200 million euros that will allocate essential resources to municipalities, businesses, and the regional transport company AST.

It is a crucial day for the Region, with all of these events happening simultaneously after months of paralysis. Tamajo may inform Tajani of his decision to remain in the regional government, relinquishing his seat in Brussels. In this case, Caterina Chinnici may take the European Parliament seat, with rumors suggesting that she is also in the running for a position on the Constitutional Court. If Dell’Utri wins in this scenario, the influence of the Romano-Cuffaro faction within Forza Italia would be strengthened.

If Tamajo remains in the government, Schifani’s planned reshuffle could also change, potentially resulting in the appointment of only one new minister, or possibly two if Giovanna Volo also leaves her position. Opportunities for Forza Italia members eager to join the government would shrink significantly.

The fate of Sammartino is also crucial, as his rehabilitation could impact the reshuffle. If reinstated, he would return to his position as Minister of Agriculture, potentially halting the reshuffle for the League party. On the other hand, if denied rehabilitation, a larger political game within the League and the government could ensue, requiring Schifani to reassess the future of the Agriculture Ministry.

Finally, at 2 PM, the Regional Assembly will begin a mini-marathon leading to the approval of the corrective measure. Yesterday, a provision allocating 50 million euros to reduce interest on loans for businesses was approved. Today, the focus is on the 50 million euros to help municipalities cover the costs of waste disposal abroad, and the 28 million euros to recapitalize the regional transport company AST and prevent its bankruptcy. Also at stake are subsidies for farmers and municipalities in financial distress, with expected parliamentary battles on these measures.

Seggi a Bruxelles, rimpasto e sottogoverno: si decide tutto oggi

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