Bronte revolt: Bixio fainted after execution, Sciascia kept quiet

The article discusses the execution of five men in Bronte in 1860, during a revolt, and how one of them miraculously survived the firing squad. The event deeply affected Nino Bixio, who fainted and fell off his horse. The story is recounted by his aide, Francesco Grandi, in his memoirs, and was also used by Leonardo Sciascia in his writings. The article also mentions Sciascia’s interest in the Bronte rebellion and his criticism of those who romanticized Bixio’s emotions during the executions. The article concludes by discussing the tragic story of Nunzio Ciraldo Frajunco, who was wrongly sentenced to death twice. It also highlights the emotional impact of the events on Bixio and the importance of Sciascia’s writings on the Bronte events.

La sommossa di Bronte, Bixio svenne dopo l’esecuzione del matto ma Sciascia preferì tacerlo

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