Bonus fuel in the ‘Dedicated to You’ card for over 200 thousand Sicilians: how to get it

Christmas gift for the beneficiaries of the “Carta dedicata a te”. The Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy has officially announced the extension of the measure and, along with Mef and Masaf, has issued a decree with the implementing and applicative provisions of the social card from December 15, 2023, with the amount intended for the purchase of fuel or, alternatively, subscriptions for public transport. In Sicily, 205,391 social cards have been allocated, with about half distributed in the provinces of Palermo and Catania. The Carta dedicata a te is a prepaid social card loaded with a one-time contribution of 382.50 euros intended for the purchase of basic food items. Recipients are eligible as long as they meet certain criteria and are not required to apply.

The new Carta dedicata a te, or those that will be recharged, will have a new feature. From December 15, the already distributed cards will be recharged with the amount intended to purchase fuel or, alternatively, subscriptions for public transport. From the same date, additional cards not yet assigned to eligible individuals will be distributed. No action is required – recipients just need to wait for the recharge.

Bonus carburante nella «Carta dedicata a te» per oltre 200 mila siciliani: come ottenerlo

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