Bishop Renna meets Ferrarin students: “Doing good work is anti-mafia”

The students of the Aeronautical Technical Institute Ferrarin in Catania welcomed Monsignor Luigi Renna, the archbishop of the city, for a visit to the school to engage in a dialogue with the students. Nearly 600 students and their families were able to hear messages of peace and hope aimed at the student community, both in person and remotely. Monsignor Renna emphasized the school’s commitment to excellence in education and human development, pointing out the dedication and participation of the students. The visit came at a challenging time for the school, as it is currently at the center of a debate about a possible merger with another school in the city. The students’ questions sparked a discussion about values, ideals, future technological challenges, and the power of life examples. The archbishop emphasized that authentic and humane living is inherently anti-mafia, as exemplified by the life of Don Pino Puglisi, who passed away 30 years ago. The school’s principal added that the communication of genuine Christian values promotes peace, tolerance, and inclusion, making the community strong in the face of adversity. She concluded the event by expressing pride in the students’ commitment to these values in all circumstances.

Catania, il vescovo Renna incontra gli studenti del Ferrarin: «Chi fa bene il proprio lavoro è antimafia»

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