Bisacquino Village Film Fest – Frank Capra Award: Daniele Ciprì honored for career.

The article talks about the highlights of the first edition of Borgo Film Fest-Premio Frank Capra, which took place in Bisacquino, Palermo, from June 20 to 23. The evening featured a Blue Carpet, Gala, and awards ceremony, with actress Annandrea Vitrano as the special guest and director of photography Daniele Ciprì receiving a lifetime achievement award. Various actors and industry professionals were also awarded on stage, including those from the USA such as actor and executive producer Tony Schiena. In the video, Annandrea Vitrano, the actors Giuseppe Tantillo, Domenico Centamore, and Emmanuele Aita, comedian Antonio Panzica, and artistic director Elena Costa can be seen speaking.

A Bisacquino il Borgo Film Fest-Premio Frank Capra: a Daniele Ciprì il riconoscimento alla carriera

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