Bisacquino launches Borgo Film Fest – Frank Capra Award

This morning (Tuesday, June 11), the first edition of Borgo Film Fest – Premio Frank Capra was presented at the department of humanities at the University of Palermo. The festival will take place in Bisacquino (Palermo) from June 20 to 23. The Festival aims to strengthen the collaboration between cinema and tourism, enhancing and promoting historic villages and becoming a driver of territorial development.

The distinctive point is Frank Capra, a director native of Bisacquino. Borgo Film Fest – Premio Frank Capra, strongly desired by artistic director Elena Costa, is funded by the European Union, the Ministry of Culture, and the municipality of Bisacquino, as part of the Bisacquino Cinema Village and Arts project of the Pnrr. The festival was born thanks to the initiative of CineCulTutArt Aps and Sicily Entertainment Srl, which is endorsed by the regional tourism department, the Sicily Film Commission, and the University of Palermo.

On the program, with free admission, there will be meetings with authors, guests, conferences, and finally, the grand gala of the Borgo Film Fest on Sunday, June 23. Among the awardees will be actors Domenico Centamore, Giuseppe Tantillo, Maurizio Bologna, Emmanuele Aita, Francesco Leone, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Massimo Cagnina, Antonio Panzica, location manager Ivan Ferrandes, screenwriters Costantino Margiotta and Ignazio Rosato. Career award to director and cinematographer Daniele Ciprì. The event’s godmother is the Palermo-born actress Annandrea Vitrano.

Bisacquino, al via il Borgo Film Fest – Premio Frank Capra

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