Bionic exoskeleton for spinal unit at Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania

A bionic exoskeleton that allows people with lower limb motor deficits to reach an upright posture and walk has been integrated into the equipment of the Unipolar Spinal Unit at the Cannizzaro emergency hospital in Catania. The exoskeleton is a battery-powered robot made of steel and carbon, calibrated to each patient’s posture and worn over their clothes to assist with body balance and walking. The exoskeleton was presented at a conference on instrumental gait assessment in neurorehabilitation. According to the hospital’s commissioner, the exoskeleton is a technologically advanced rehabilitation tool with significant positive effects on patients’ quality of life. The director of the unit explained that the exoskeleton allows people with limited motor abilities to stand and walk in a protected environment, with benefits for skeletal, circulatory, bladder and intestinal health. However, it is intended for use in rehabilitation with specialized assistance, rather than for everyday use.

Un esoscheletro bionico in dotazione al reparto Unità spinale dell’ospedale Cannizzaro di Catania

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