Biondo Theatre in Palermo seeking communication expert: how to apply

The Biondo Theater in Palermo has opened selections to recruit a web communication and social media management officer, to be included in the communication and external relations area and to be hired with an indefinite contract. The workplace will be located at Via Teatro Biondo, 11. For personnel who have not already carried out subordinate work activities at the theater in the same role, a trial period of 3 months is foreseen. The candidate must have experience in public relations, corporate communication, and social media.

In addition to general requirements, some specific requirements are required: possession of a high school diploma; immediate availability for work; knowledge of written and spoken English; knowledge of audio-video recording tools and audio-video editing programs; knowledge of digital tools for social media communication and programs for managing digital information and communication platforms; knowledge of the specific language of theatrical communication; language skills and predisposition to public relations; several years of professional experience gained in the desired position in theatrical contexts of medium/large production and hospitality dimensions (for example: national theaters, Tric, lyric symphonic foundations, national or international festivals of relevance); ability to work in a team.

The submitted applications are evaluated by a specially appointed commission, which will verify, for each candidate, the possession of all requirements. After a first evaluation, the selected candidates will be called for a personal interview/practical test, which will take place on a date and at a location that will be communicated to the email address provided by the participants at the time of application.

Interested parties can apply by submitting an application for admission to the selection, which must be drawn up in plain paper by filling in the form according to the template provided by the theater, which can be downloaded from their official website. The application for candidacy and the related attachments must be submitted to the Biondo Theater no later than 12 pm on May 15th.

Il teatro Biondo a Palermo cerca un esperto in comunicazione: ecco come candidarsi

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