BigMama, godmother of the Pride in Palermo: the singer ignites the crowd by performing on floats

Singer BigMama unleashed at Palermo Pride 2024. The artist was one of the two godmothers of the event, along with actress Simona Malato, and literally unleashed on stage and on the floats, in various places of the event, which brought down to the streets, with almost fifteen thousand people who paraded in a colorful and lively Via Roma.

The presence of artists of the caliber of BigMama and Simona Malato, explained the organizers, symbolizes the support of the artistic community for the LGBTQ+ cause and underlines the importance of visibility in the fight against discrimination. The chosen slogan for this year by the coordination is emblematic: anger is not enough for us, a phrase expressing the need to transform frustration into positive action.

Eleven floats led this edition that included transversal struggles and rights: from work to sexual identity, to disability, peace, the planet; the Pride becomes a container of battles and a protective wing for all minorities with the goal of transforming privileges into rights.

“The parade is the most beautiful moment,” says Daniela Tomasino, coordinator of Palermo Pride. “It is the moment when we take to the streets with our anger but also with the desire to build something new, to build relationships and beauty. At this moment, Palermo is a fairly inclusive city, but it is all of Italy that is taking steps back.”

“We are fighting for the rights of everyone,” emphasizes Giammarco Spinnato as he hugs his boyfriend. “We need to change mentality,” he continues. “We need to be more attentive to the issues of homophobia and racism, here we fight for everyone.” And among the crowd, there are classic signs: “How can I not love women if Sabrina Ferilli exists,” wonders a girl, while rainbow flags envelop her.

BigMama madrina del Pride a Palermo: la cantante infiamma la folla scatenandosi sui carri

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