Battle against fires in Palermo, one of the nine military helicopters deployed

At Palermo airport, one of the nine helicopters provided by the armed forces at a national level to fight fires in the country will be stationed. The helicopter will serve the needs of Sicily alone. The forest fire prevention campaign for 2024 started on June 15th, and with the arrival of summer and high temperatures, it is necessary to ensure an adequate response from the country’s system, both at a regional and national level, to calamitous events such as forest fires. The armed forces are participating in the campaign with 9 helicopters and their flight crews, including 3 from the Army Aviation, one from the Navy, 2 from the Air Force, 2 from the Carabinieri, and one stationed in Palermo. The campaign will continue until October 15th and strengthens the longstanding collaboration between the armed forces, the national fire brigade, and civil protection to make the fight against forest fires more effective and impactful.

Lotta agli incendi, a Palermo uno dei nove elicotteri delle forze armate

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