Battle against fires, fines for those who leave uncultivated land in Partinico

There were 32 fines issued by the Municipality of Partinico in 2023 for the failure to clean uncultivated land. The fines were notified by the municipal police and amount to 250 euros each, plus notification costs. These fines were issued for violations related to the fire prevention ordinance issued by Mayor Pietro Rao last year. The fines were a result of fires that occurred last summer, which were found to have been fueled by uncultivated land. The municipal police identified the owners of the various parcels through land registry searches. The ordinance requires citizens, including owners of areas near the railway, to ensure the safety of their land by June 14. Requirements include clearing vegetation, creating firebreak zones, and following fire prevention measures. Violations will result in administrative fines. Contact information for the Civil Protection office is provided for further information.

Lotta agli incendi, a Partinico multe a chi lascia i terreni incolti

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