Barbera’s climb to 100k against Spezia

The Palermo football team is experiencing exponential growth in attendance, with over 24,000 fans present at their last home game. They are currently second in the Serie B standings and have the potential to be at the top. The team has the highest average attendance in the league, with over 73,000 total fans attending their first three games. The goal is to reach 100,000 total attendees and increase the average to 25,000 per game. The team has always had a strong fan base and has often relied on their support for success. In past seasons, their attendance numbers have been consistent and comparable to other teams in the league. The team’s record for attendance was 32,000 fans at the end of last season. The team hopes to reach this milestone by the tenth game of the current season.

Contro lo Spezia la scalata del Barbera a… quota 100 mila

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