Balestrate’s Easter nativity with Don Puglisi and Franca Viola

The article talks about an Easter nativity scene that aims to recover the values of Christianity and emphasize the meaning of peace. The exhibition features ten handmade scenes depicting the Passion of Jesus, with a unique and innovative presentation that creates the illusion of the nativity scenes floating in the air. The scenes also include figures from both historical and contemporary times, celebrating famous individuals such as judges Falcone and Borsellino, Father Pino Puglisi, Franca Viola, Domenico Intravaia, as well as popular youtubers Luigi Calgna and Sofia Scalia. The project was conceived by teacher Maddalena Cottone and realized with the collaboration of the community cooperative Terre delle Balestrate and the parish of Sant’Anna. The exhibition can be visited daily from 5pm to 8pm, with extended hours on weekends. The article also mentions a soap made with mango extracts, produced by the Terre delle Balestrate cooperative.

Balestrate, presepe di Pasqua con Don Puglisi e Franca Viola

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