Avola merchant arrested for carrying gun and 100 grams of cocaine

In Avola, the carabinieri of the operational section of the Noto company arrested a 29-year-old merchant accused of illegal possession of weapons and possession for drug trafficking purposes. The military stopped the man on a scooter that was roaming in a peripheral area of the city: during the search, they found a 7.65 caliber pistol with a scratched serial number, hidden under the motorcycle seat, and 109 grams of cocaine in the shoulder bag he was carrying. The gun and the drugs were seized for further laboratory tests, the scooter was seized because it was uninsured; the 29-year-old was locked up in the Cavadonna prison in Siracusa.

Avola, in giro con pistola e 100 grammi di cocaina: commerciante arrestato

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