Astrazeneca vaccine withdrawal: Infectious disease expert Cascio explains decision.

AstraZeneca has announced the global withdrawal of its Covid-19 vaccine, citing an “excess of updated vaccines available.” The Anglo-Swedish company admitted for the first time in court documents in late April during a legal proceeding in London that its Covid anti-vaccine can cause thrombosis as a rare side effect. Commenting on this decision is Antonio Cascio, director of the Infectious Diseases unit at the Policlinico of Palermo.

“This vaccine has certainly prevented the death of many people, but unfortunately it has been associated with rare cases of thrombosis. It is very normal for AstraZeneca to withdraw it, because it was created for the original Wuhan virus, so it is now completely outdated and has no reason to exist. In fact, it took time to remove it from the market.”

“I do not see any speculation on this, no ulterior motive – Cascio stresses – it is simply a commercial matter, because there is a surplus, since it has not been sold anymore because it is no longer useful, it is now old. It’s right.”

Ritiro del vaccino Astrazeneca, l’infettivologo Cascio del Policlinico di Palermo: «Scelta commerciale, perché non più utile»

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