Arsonists identified in Palermo, caught red-handed

Three fires, almost certainly arson, kept firefighters, forestry officers, and carabinieri busy all day. For one of these, the arsonist who started the fire in Marineo was identified, with firefighters and carabinieri also intervening and finding the ignition point and stopping the person responsible. The second fire, which is also under investigation, was started in Villafrati. The flames started from the side of the road and consumed three hectares of wheat. Carabinieri are also searching for the person responsible in this case. Another fire, caused by some pruning, broke out in Villa del Sole.

“The circulars are clear,” says someone who took part in the extinguishing operations. “A widespread information campaign has been carried out. It is no longer acceptable, nor tolerable, the carelessness, laziness, and especially the actions of arsonists. For each fire caused, a criminal report will be filed as provided for by the circulars issued to address this difficult season. The conditions are such that what happened in past years will not be tolerated.” Firefighters were also involved in extinguishing fires in Balestrate, Trappeto, Partinico, and Misilmeri.

Roghi nel Palermitano, individuato uno degli incendiari

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