Arrests for attempted murder in Catania: Ambush captured in real-time by passing car’s camera – VIDEO

The Catania police, acting on behalf of the district prosecutor, have arrested two young men for aggravated attempted murder. They are also accused of illegal possession and carrying of a semi-automatic Beretta pistol with a scratched serial number, as well as receiving stolen goods. The suspects, Giuseppe Concetto Piterà and Mario Leonardi, both born in 2001, are believed to be responsible for the attempted murder of a local resident on the afternoon of April 27. The investigation was initiated after hospital staff in Catania reported a person with a gunshot wound to the knee. Further investigations revealed that the attack took place in the San Berillo Nuovo neighborhood, where two 7.65 caliber bullet casings were found. Surveillance footage from nearby cameras and analysis of phone records enabled the reconstruction of the crime. The video shows a scooter with two individuals, one of whom gets off and fires four shots. A 27-year-old man was injured in the shooting and is expected to recover in 15 days. According to the accusations, Piterà was the shooter, while Leonardi was the driver of the scooter. Leonardi was arrested on May 9 while in possession of the pistol used in the shooting. Piterà was subsequently taken to Piazza Lanza prison. Leonardi was already incarcerated at the time.

Catania, due arresti per tentato omicidio: l’agguato ripreso in tempo reale dalla telecamera di un’auto di passaggio – IL VIDEO

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