Arrest in Gela as house found with hidden sawed-off shotgun, ammunition, and individual carrying a knife

The Mobile Squad and the Gela Police Station have arrested a man for possessing a sawed-off shotgun, ammunition, and an illegal knife. The modified shotgun and ammunition were hidden in the ceiling of the man’s house. The shotgun had its barrels cut off and its stock shortened, modifications that increase its offensive potential and make it easier to conceal. During a personal search, the man was also found to be carrying a switchblade knife. The Gela prosecutor has requested the validation of the arrest and has also requested that the suspect be held in pretrial detention. The judge, after validating the arrest by the police, has ordered the suspect to be placed under house arrest for the charges of possessing an illegal firearm and receiving stolen goods.

A casa aveva nascosto un fucile a canne mozzate e munizioni e addosso aveva un coltello: arrestato a Gela

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