Arrest in Catania after threatening parents and demanding money for drugs

The Carabinieri arrested a 32-year-old woman in Catania who, for the past two years, had been harassing her parents with continuous demands for money in order to buy drugs, accompanied by heavy threats. She is accused of domestic abuse and extortion. The judge, after validating the arrest, placed her under house arrest in a halfway house.

The parents had recently reported and removed their daughter from the family home, but the next morning she showed up at her parents’ house and started punching and kicking the door, demanding to enter and shouting “Give me the money! Either let me in or give me 50 euros.” At one point, the mother called 112, requesting the intervention of a patrol of Carabinieri, who arrived at the scene and chased away the 32-year-old. Thinking they had a clear path, the parents got into their car to go to the police station to report their daughter, but during the journey they saw her emerge from the trunk behind them and shout “Give me the keys!”

Terrified, the couple abandoned the car and the mother tried to call 112 again but was chased by her daughter, who attempted to attack her. The father, in order to avoid being hit, locked himself in the car while the daughter started kicking the vehicle, until she was stopped by the Carabinieri.

Sbuca dal bagagliaio dell’auto e terrorizza i genitori: arrestata a Catania per le minacce e le continue richieste di soldi per la droga

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